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How to take a screenshot of the screen displayed on your personal computer. You may even know how to take a screenshot of your smartphone and tablet. But taking a screenshot of a website is different altogether. As a website master, you might get complaints from your customer that they think their website has got hacked or they have been hit by malware or their site has stopped working in some way. Or some function of the page is not showing what it is supposed to.

Your first step would be to try and get the visitor to understand the problem, by speaking in plain language with hypothetical questions. But if you can't understand the visitor, or if they're speaking in a different language, then you have a real dilemma on your hands. You don't want to marginalize any potential customer.

Without a screen-capture option, a visitor may not be able to send you their screenshot of your website. Without a screenshot icon and your URL on the site, it can be difficult for your visitor to take a screenshot and email it to you.

Each computer has different instructions to take a screenshot, which can make them difficult to use. For example, on some computers, you need to press the ctrl button and the prt sc button on others, you need to press the fn key and the prt sc key.

On others, you have to press the ‘alt’ and the ‘prt sc’ buttons. If you are using the same brand of computer as your website visitor and he or she speaks the same language as you do, that could be easy. You can explain which keys they should press while they are taking a screenshot. If they are using a different computer, that could require them to try different key combinations to take a screenshot.

But, when it comes to the final step, all of this is easier on a Microsoft Windows machine. By using "paint" or "paste," you can capture and save images from their screen. If, however, someone is using an Apple computer, "Paint" might not be available as an option.

This can become difficult for a visitor to understand and for you to try to explain. The best option may be to do some research on the problem by visiting the website and/or just trying it yourself, which could lead you to an even bigger problem. It’s always best not to assume you won’t run into an issue with your website visitor, so don’t worry if it happens.

If you're trying to teach your customers how to do a print screen download or take a website screenshot online, they'll usually stop talking with you to leave. When this happens, if you value your customer, you should ask them for their email address to share the screenshot with them.

Use the website screenshot generator tool to create screenshots and email them to your customer. It is an easy solution to convey a visual engaging message that will show your potential customer what they are doing wrong on your website.

Where Do You Need a Website Screenshot Generator Tool?

A screenshot generator is a convenient tool that can be useful in some situations. For example, you might want to see the last screenshot that Google has taken off your website on its crawler’s last visit. Or in case there is some issue with your website, you might want to take a screenshot and send it to your webpage hosting service.

You need to take a screenshot so you can see how changes affect your website or archive. Taking screenshots has never been easier with online services such as Imgur and Hipstamatic. You can also share your screenshots to see what others have done or discuss ideas with others on them.

An example of a situation where you might want to use screenshots could be that you are working on the website for the company you work for, or that you want to get feedback from your friends.

The usage of screenshots is wide-ranging and there are lots of reasons why you might need to take one. It's not easy for new users to figure out how to take a screenshot on their computer, but computer manufacturers have made sure that their devices include the ability to do this. Without the proper knowledge, it can be very difficult for someone struggling with a device.

Now that you know how and where to paste the screenshot, you can use popular tools including free-to-use as well as Free screenshot API, Google screenshot API, or screenshot app JavaScript.

How to Take a Screenshot With Our Website Screenshot Generator Tool

If you're wondering how to take a screenshot, don't worry. It is almost as quick and easy to take as taking a regular screenshot on your computer, except that your screenshot is already online!

  • Visit to open the tool web page
  • On the page, you'll find fields for entering your domain and selecting which device to automate.
  • When trying to take a screenshot of a website, you should first enter your domain name. This is the website that you want to be captured in the image. It only captures the most important parts of the website rather than the whole site.
  • To get a screenshot, such as a YouTube video, please include the link. If you want it to capture other pages, also include the page's link in the field. For example, if you want a screenshot of YouTube and you want it to include a particular channel, please include the channel in the link instead of just typing only the website name.
  • After you input your link, select the device type that you would like to use. You can use screenshots of iPhones, iPads, and Windows computers.
  • After selecting your preferred device, click submit

How to Take Screenshots on Windows

On any platform, the process of taking a screenshot is similar. The only difference if your browser uses a different interface maybe you will be given additional options that appear on your screen. The program functions similarly across all devices.

Know What to Do if You Have Errors in the Website Screenshot Generator

Screenshot tools are somewhat unreliable in terms of what they produce. One problem is that the tool typically gives you a screenshot from an iPhone rather than a computer. Additionally, the image turns out blurry sometimes and doesn’t load at all in other instances.

There are several reasons why you might experience this

  • Your network may be lagging due to poor connection. To fix this, check your connection and try again.
  • The page didn't load properly! To fix this, reload the Facebook website and try again.
  • The site isn't accessible now. This might be due to heavy traffic on the site or some complications. You can try to take an android screenshot later.
  • Selecting the wrong option can be viciously frustrating! Sometimes, simply reloading the page and carefully selecting your desired screenshot again can alleviate any issues you’re having with a tool.
  • The incorrect link you inputted into the address bar may not be what you expected because, instead of clicking on that image and pasting it, you double-checked your URL. To fix this error, check that you included https:// in your address and try again.

Explanations & How to Take a Screenshot

You might be wondering why you would use screenshot software when you could just take a screenshot on your device and be done. The truth is that you can do that, and if that's what you need to do, then you should. Screen capture addresses different types of needs from typical or long screenshots. Below are some of the reasons why you might want to take a long screenshot:

1. As a developer:

Being able to monitor and track site analytics is important so that you can brace for when consumers are using a new device or technology. For example, checking the mobile optimization of your website is important because it lets you make quick corrections before deploying the website.

Websites that do not have optimized content are likely to get low traffic because most people use smartphones as their primary devices on the internet. Screen captures allow you to see how your website is performing without having to use a phone or tablet.

2. Non-developer:

There is a website that helps you sign in, write and share URLs to send anywhere. On the site, you can preview how your blog post will look from mini versions of Windows, Android, or Apple OSX. You may even want to show someone how your blog post looks on an iPhone or a PC. The screenshot tool makes this happen with ease.

3. You need a complete view:

During the process of digital marketing, sometimes you need something live and lifelike. When this happens, the screener is a lifesaver. For example, s/he can create an ad or video using particular colors, without leaving any trace of its ingredients.

The Screenshot Reader App allows users to capture images of websites, phones, and interfaces. This allows for more authentic footage, usually taking less time than a video shoot. Though it is not limited to phone screenshots--it also lets you take Windows 8 or 10 screenshots.

This is Just another Screenshot Generator Free Tool

Here at this point, you might be thinking to yourself “isn’t this just another screenshot tool”? And you would be right if it were any other screen capture tool. But this is different than other screenshot tools because it lets you do more than a screenshot.

By definition, a screenshot is a captured image of whatever is showing on the screen - Just what you see on the screen. But our tool lets you take a "device shot" which can be taken off of any device that has a screen: iPhone or tablet. You can even take a Windows Screenshot.

The device integration of Snapsnap is what differentiates it from other screenshot tools.

A Quick Lesson on Screenshot Vs. Screen Capture

Screenshots are static images and consist of everything that's on a computer screen. Unlike screenshots, a screenshot consists of photos and other types of files that took place on a device. A screenshot is just one type of screen capture, as others might include interactive GIFs or pictures from your display.

Many tasks in the office can benefit from Screen Capture. For example, displaying an entire table made with your software on a spreadsheet could be a great use of this tool. However, if you're sharing the entire desktop computer screen with someone, it becomes more difficult for them to focus on and put their inputs into the spreadsheet by themselves.

If you want to capture content exactly as it appears, for example, capturing a table or site in its entirety and saving it as one image file, then our website offers an online screen capture feature. These generated screenshots might not be pixel perfect when displaying in an image viewer but it also saves you from creating multiple files.

Image Resizer is also used in the field of tutoring because it allows you to describe multiple parts of a screen with one photo. You can also apply our Image Resizer to resize your photos and videos according to your needs.

If you're a web developer, you know that it's often necessary to view the source code of a webpage. There are several reasons why you might need to do this, including: To check how a page is coded To find out which files are being called To see if there are any errors in the code Fortunately, there's an easy way to view the source code of any webpage: simply use the Get Source Code of Webpage tool. This handy tool lets you see the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that makes up any given page.